“Les Clefs d’Or India” got its independent chapter as an association on 29thApril 2011 at 58thUICH International congress in Toronto, Canada. With a humble beginning of few handful and dedicated members who were supported by energetic Concierge members and great Hotels in India, Ours is a success story which has come a very long way and we take immense pride in sharing it with everyone. The inception into the Society of Golden Keys was a proud moment for the country; today we are the fastest growing membership in les clef d’Or  operating in 4 zones within the country and mentoring 3  adherent sections (Nigeria, Kenya and Srilanka) We  boast 128 Full keys members in 101 hotels across India.

Originally registered as Concierge Association of India in year 1997 in New Delhi with his founding President Mr. Stephen Fernandez (now retired) Stephen has been the longest torch bearer for the association and then in later years he guided the association and keeping the membership intact, mentoring the team which gradually helped in shaping the Association it to what it is known today interestingly, In between this period 1997 – 2005, there was a time when Steve was the only member in country ! However he faithfully kept the spirit alive of our mantra “In Service through Friendship” With tremendous hard work, dedication and constant guidance of our then Mother section Singapore and brother section USA, India become an independent section with Edwin Saldanha being appointed as the front leader and President of Les Clefs d’Or India. Mr Edwin Saldanha ‘s dynamic career and passion with key Members like Albert Amana, Albert John and Rajesh Yadav helped us accelerate into the future, we had very important keystone moments, like our website, our facepage and other foray in to the digital sphere.  A proud moment for us arrived when Edwin was appointed a role of Zone Director- Asian region (2013-2017) for UICH , Along with Our President  has been mentoring Adherent Countries like, Kenya, Nigeria and Srilanka  to develop them as section. This faith has led to believe and deliver nothing but passion.

Today; Les Clefs d’Or India is 42ndsection country of UICH and very active. It has been hosting its annual general meeting every year while strengthening its roots and expanding its branches to new major cities. We are perhaps the only country which has dedicated monthly meets which enables the friendship and strengthens our network. We are proud that its members, vendors, and member hotels are all knitted together with the magic of Les Clefs d’Or

Let’s come together and join us to celebrate another milestone and witness the 67thUICH International congress in New Delhi from 26thto 31stMarch 2020.

Vive Les Clefs d’Or