Ethics & Rules

General purpose

Our annual Congresses serve five major functions:

  1. The annual business meeting and open forum discussions allow members to stay focused on the well-being of the association.
  2. The educational symposia and/or guest speakers impart new knowledge and provide continued training for the Concierge professional.
  3. Highlighted features of the destination cities promote the travel and tourism industry in general and allow the Concierges to experience the best of the cities first-hand.
  4. The social aspects of the gathering cement old friendships, create new ones, and ensure that the networking efforts of Concierges, both nationally and globally, continue to grow and flourish.
  5. The display and exchange of collateral materials provide Concierges with a receptive sales and marketing forum where they can showcase their hotel properties.

Focus Points

  1. The Time is the Time … Earlier is early, later is probably too late. We won’t wait for you. Link to reliable taxis companies.
  2. The duration of a “15 minutes Pause” is precisely 15 minutes. If a 30 minutes pause is needed, we will generally call it a “30 minutes Pause”.
  3. Speeches do not need to be punctuated by ringtones but may be applauded. Please turn your phone to silent during our meetings.
  4. Silence is expected during speeches. The opening ceremony is the perfect training place to experiment this, and the least of respect we can pay to our hosts.

Ethics Committee

See below …

Code of Conduct

On Day 1 of the Congress, the Executive Committee will nominate the Members of the Ethics Committee and introduce them at the opening ceremony.
Delegates should conduct themselves at all times in a manner that brings dignity to the profession of concierge and honour to the host country. Any issues relating to inappropriate behaviour by delegates is to be referred to the Ethics Committee for their immediate consideration.
All meeting discussions shall be conducted with civility and mutual respect and understanding. Any requests to speak must come through the designated chairperson.
All Congress fees must be paid on time. Delegates should keep a printed copy of their receipt acknowledging payment has been made.
Delegates are required to settle all incidental hotel charges at time of check-out
Delegates are expected to follow all registration procedures of the host country, including providing all requested information in a timely manner.
Active members must attend all official meetings and Congress events.
Delegates should follow all appropriate dress codes set by Congress organizers.
Delegates are expected to follow standard tipping procedures for all tourist services (i.e., drivers, room attendants, luggage attendants, doormen, etc.).
Delegates should refrain from making special personal demands on Congress organizers.
Delegates must receive the permission of the Executive Committee to invite a non- member to an official meeting of UICH.
Delegates shall be responsible for maintaining the silence of themselves and their guests during official speeches. A Master of Ceremonies should be used to reinforce this message at the beginning of proceedings.